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Is Pizza Healthy? Nutrition Tips for Pizza Lovers

Sunday, February 04, 2024

The pizza looked delicious because its loaded with cheese and my favorite salami but I had to tell him the truth when he asked this question...

​The question he asked is whether eating pizza every day is healthy or not and his point is one of his friend was eating pizza regularly and he went to the doctor, Doctor said he is healthy.

So maybe you have this question" ​Is it really healthy to eat pizza every day?"

In this blog post I will be answering 2 questions

1. Is pizza really healthy
2. What about the doctors who says you're healthy

Definition of Healthy
The definition of healthy is different for each person.

If you go to a doctor and ask Doctor, Doctor am I healthy?

Doctor will check few things and will say yeah you are healthy because your numbers are fine.

Following diseases are really associated with excess body fat.  

So for me extra body fat is unhealthy which means anything is going to make you extra body fat that is unhealthy for you.

I came to this conclusion because of the following journal from National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.

Overweight, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, the name goes on but If you manage your body fat, majority of the diseases mentioned above can be erased. 

Body FAT range

25% and above is considered as obesity but how many Doctors are really checking your body fat percentage and telling you whether your healthy or not based on body fat percentage?

​Very rare!

Long time back I went to see a Doctor because my head was unnecessary moving...

​Doctor did few checkups but his machines couldn't find anything so he made a conclusion "you're absolutely healthy"

​This is when I realized how Doctors make conclusions.

​My head was still moving but Doctor said I am healthy...WTF

Pizza is made with refined carbohydrate

Refined means many things especially the good things are removed. And If you eat ​refined carbohydrate, your blood sugar is going to spike abnormally.

This will force your body to make insulin because anything abnormal is dangerous. 

Insulin is where all the problem start.

If you have insulin spike all the time, that's when your organs like pancreas and liver needs to work extra.

And if you eat refined carbohydrate food like Pizza or Pasta this scenario will lead to diabetes, Insulin resistance and other deadly diseases.  

This pizza is having 2500 calories

2500 calories is what an active athlete should eat in one day but the problem with pizza is when you eat pizza, you're also going to have some cola right?

That means if you calculate the overall calories, this is too much calories you are consuming in one sitting.

What exactly is going to happen with that excess calories?

If you are consuming too much than what your body need, your body will store the excess.

And that storage means FAT- you are going to become more fatter when you consume this kind of food every day.

Do you want to be fat?
If you don't want to be fat, make sure you limit eating highly processed refined carbohydrate food like pizza or pasta.

I am not saying that pizza is not tasty or you shouldn't eat Pizza.

Pizza is very tasty. You will feel to eat more pizza. That is absolutely correct.

Considering the cost of a Pizza, pizza is relatively cheap compare to bio-vegetables or fruits. This is also true.

But cheap doesn't mean healthy

So you have to make smart decisions when it comes to your health.

If you are just really looking for cheap fast option, there is a bad side effect that is going to happen soon or later.

It means you will be unhealthy. Because of this reason I consider pizza is very unhealthy.

Time to time it's okay to eat.  But if you are consuming pizza on a daily basis, sooner or later you may  experience obesity, diabetes or any of the diseases I mentioned earlier.

So make sure you understand this facts before choosing your Pizza.

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