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Are You Strong or Weak?

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Are you strong like Strong Iron or Rusty Iron?

Nobody can destroy Iron but it's own rust can.

Likewise, nobody can destroy you but your mind can.

​If you're a man or woman with rust, you're not strong.

​Why do you think some men or woman are strong and staying strong?

​Why do you think some people are very happy?

​why do you think some people work very hard but still poor?

​Rust is the reason.

​Some people got lot of run, I was one of them I admit but not any more!

​Because my mentor told me if you want to be successful and happy like me, you have to remove rust from your life.

When your life is filled with rust you don't see things that you suppose to see!

"Why some people work very hard but are very poor?" - he asked

"luck" - I said

He said "Rusty people believe in luck because their brain is unhealthy" 

Healthy brain know luck alone is not going to get you anything.

Rusty people work hard.

Healthy brain know there are only 24 hours a day for everybody including you and me.

​So even if you work hard there is a time limitation.

Working hard is not the answer. 

If your brain is healthy, you think differently. 
You think like strong Iron man or woman.

Healthy mind think differently about themselves, health, wealth, happiness and everything else.

Healthy mind think differently because they have a different mindset.

Smart mind vs poor mind

mart mind play to win, poor mind play not to lose because poor people have scarcity mindset.

Rusty mind is poor mind.

A good example of successful mind is...

I have a private coaching program for growth minded people.

This coaching program is designed to condition your body and mind to attract good health, more wealth and happiness.

When I first started this program.. enrollment cost was 99 but 99 was a huge amount for the poor mind.

Poor mind said "ohh My God I am going to lose 99" because poor mind play not to lose.

But you see those poor mind is still poor. 

They are exactly where they are last year. 

Do you think they are going to experience growth this year?

No growth.

If your goal is to grow financially or health-wise this year, ensure you check your mind. Remove if you got any rust.

​A question you have to ask now is "do I want to have a poor mind or smart mind?

​Do I want to be an Iron man or a rusty man?
Do I want to be rusty weak woman or strong Iron woman.

​Choice is yours.

​Click here to apply for my coaching.

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