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Weight Loss

Unlock your dream body with the right diet & exercise. Find out your best diet based on your body type.


1-1 strength training with Coach Jobi

Cholesterol Management

Reduce bad cholesterol in 30 days using Jobi's Diet Secrets. 

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Lose Weight without Sacrificing Your Life!

Here are the 3 things that is helping my students lose weight day after every day...

"For the first time, I can buy size M, I've never bought this before, I am really thankful for your coaching and support"


What my clients achieve?

Weight change
More strength
More stamina
Confidence increase
Feel muscle power
Brain performance increased
Skin looks more healthy and much more...

Why you should choose me

People normally say rich is getting richer and poor is getting poor but do you know why rich is always getting richer?

they know how to make money but what a poor person know?
He know how to become poor.

So, if you want to be rich, you need to learn how to make money similar like that, if you want to lose weight, do you think weight loss have any secrets?

​The method I am going to teach you is test proofed, that's why m
y coaching method is different.

l work closely with you to overcome the mental barriers currently holding you back from reaching your full potential and I will ensure you become healthy and become the best version of yourself, both inside & out!

I am here to help you but if you’re looking for a quick fix this isn't the place for you.

If you want to be a poor person, my coaching is not for you.

And if your dream is eat like a pig and die like a loser, my service is not for you.

But, if your dream is to become a strong, confident, loving person, then I can help you! 

All you need to do is tell me what your goals are and we will take the first step together!

About coach Jobi

Hi I'm Jobi, IIN New York Certified Holistic health coach helping ordinary men and woman experience extra ordinary life.

I started learning health to help my sick mother but later that knowledge helped me become who I am today and yes I am 40 years old, just started 😎

So many things I learned while transforming my body into a healthy one.
First thing is the mind, your mind decide your future. If you want a good future, you need a good mind. If you want a rich life, you need to first acquire a rich mind. First few years I spend lot of my money and energy fixing my mindset. I have made lot of mistakes and I now understand that in order to achieve your weight loss goals, you do not have to follow any complicated or restrictive diet or do endless hours of cardio or avoid all the social occasions.  You CAN achieve the physique you’ve always wanted: happy, healthy and FUN life.

Its time to stop hating yourself, stop hiding away, stop feeling embarrassed, stop saying no to social events and start LOVING yourself!

I'm here to help you but only if you allow me.
​Do you allow me to help you?

What My Client Says?

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